A Hip-Opening Routine to Loosen Up Your Tightest Spots


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If you’ve ever had to sit still for a while, whether at a desk, on a flight, or in a car, you’re probably familiar with that stiff, tight feeling in your neck, shoulders, and hips. And while it’s probably unrealistic to say, “Avoid any and all long car rides for the rest of your life,” there are other ways to alleviate that stiff, tense feeling. Enter today’s hip-opening routine from yoga instructor Rita Murjani. 

Tight hips can actually affect everyday activities and potentially cause low back discomfort or knee pain. That’s because, when you sit still for long periods of time, your hip flexors (the muscles that connect your hips to your legs and run along the front of your body) are held in a contracted (shortened) position. Keep them contracted long enough, and lengthening them again when you stand gets more challenging. 

Today’s 45-minute yoga routine is here to help address that. In this flow, you’ll practice postures like warrior two, warrior three, and figure four. Because some of these postures are single-sided, you’ll also be working on your balance. Murjani offers modifications throughout, and we recommend having yoga blocks or a couple of thick hardcover books handy too. 

Unroll your mat, grab your props, and get ready to loosen up. Your hips will thank you later.

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