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Learning to Snowboard as an Adult Was Terrible—But I Love It Anyway

I grew up confident that I was bad at sports. Specifically, that I was unathletic, awkward, uncoordinated, and easily fatigued. I heard it from the gym teachers who wouldn’t let me use the bathroom because they assumed that I was just trying to get out of class. I heard it from my peers. I heard […]


9 Standing Core Exercises That Will Fire Up Your Abs

From planks to crunches to sit-ups, a lot of classic abs moves take place on the ground. But there are actually loads of standing core exercises you can do to seriously engage your midsection. In fact, standing core exercises provide unique and legit benefits that you won’t get on the mat, making them a worthwhile add to your […]


10 Knee-Strengthening Exercises to Add to Your Workout Routine

Doing knee-strengthening exercises is probably not your number one priority when you visit the gym or plan your at-home workout routine. You may think that knee exercises only matter if you’re an avid marathoner or an elite athlete who’s constantly pummeling the joint. But that’s actually not true: Taking the time to strengthen this important area can go […]


The Wave Tool Review: This Low-Tech Massager Relieves Stubborn Knots

With the increasingly gray month of January upon us, I’ve got rest and recovery on the brain—so it only feels right that tell you about the Wave Tool, my favorite little massage tool for taking a beat, addressing pesky knots, and giving my tired muscles some relief.  How the Wave Tool Works Designed by physical […]


3 Things to Do If You Can’t Decide Whether (or Not) to Work Out

What should you do if you really don’t feel like working out? The simplest answer is…don’t work out. Your body needs rest, for one thing, and regardless of whether you’re sick or sore, you slept poorly, you have other priorities, or you just plain don’t want to, you are under no moral obligation to exercise. That said, […]


How Not to Be an Asshole to Gym Newbies During the New Year’s Rush

I love the gym. I love the sense of order: plates lined up here, cardio machines there, dumbbells all in a row. I love the sound of treadmills buzzing, barbells racking, feet pounding. I even love that particular gym smell, a combo of spray cleaner, chalk, rubber and metal, clean towels, and hard-earned sweat.   I didn’t […]


31 Leg Exercises at Home That Require No Equipment

You can also increase the challenge of bodyweight leg exercises by introducing explosive movement, Fagin says. Moves like pop squats and jump lunges are good for working your legs, developing your power, and perhaps introducing a little bit of cardio too. When doing bodyweight leg work, it’s important to incorporate both hinge variations, like good […]